Indonesia Will Have First "Heart Center Hosptal"

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Cases of liver disease continues to grow in Indonesia. Unfortunately, most patients are detected too late due to lack of facilities and the constraints of human ability. Therefore, a hospital collaborated with Japan in order to establish the Hospital Heart Center in Indonesia.
PT Pertamina Medika Sentul which would establish first "Heart Center hospital" in Indonesia at the Sentul City. To improve the quality of hospitals, a subsidiary of Pertamina will collaborate with International Medical Alliance Kobe and Tokyo University Hospital, Japan.
"Tokyo University Hospital will support from management, training, and Prof. Tanaka will help us for the transfer of knowledge," said Dr. Kamelia Faisal, MARS, Operational Director of PT Pertamedika Sentul, while talking on the sidelines of Medical Excellence JAPAN's Seminar: 'Indonesia - Japan Medical Collaboration ', at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jl MH Thamrin, Jakarta, and was written on Sunday (02/24/2013).
With this collaboration, will some doctors from Indonesia will receive training from experts liver Japan, one of Professor Koichi Tanaka, General Director Foundation for Kobe International Medical Alliance.
"Physicians Indonesia will be sent for training in Japan and Japanese doctors would periodically come to Indonesia. We have cooperation also with UI-Indonesian University , the Japanese will provide the equipment,"Prof. Tanaka explains.
According to Dr. Kamelia, collaboration is intended to improve the quality of doctors and hospitals in Indonesia. So that patients no longer have liver disease far medical treatment abroad.
"As a young nation we want to improve the quality of the hospital, but join with Japan so we do not really crawl but could run," added Dr. Kamelia.
The main reason for the establishment of specialized hospital care because the number of patients with liver in Indonesia is very high. Of the 240 million population, about 15 percent of people who suffer from liver disease, ranging from hepatitis B, C, fatty liver, to cirrhosis (hardening of the liver) and liver cancer. 3 percent of them accumulate in Bogor, where the hospital will be set up.
Now, with the Hospital Heart Center, is expected to be applied to an early diagnostic center, so that the diagnosis can be immediately enforced, and the treatment is done quickly and comprehensively. The hospital plans will be opened April 2013, but for the moment is still a public hospital but the facilities center of the liver.
"So there's a special place for the liver. Later there will be three towers, one of which was for the tower of liver centers," explains Dr. Kamelia.
From now on, PT Pertamina Medika Sentul has begun collaborating with the Japanese. There are about 10 physicians are scheduled next month will be trained by Kobe. Doctors who are trained previously studied digestive surgery and liver transplants have been done.
Why Japan? Dr. Kamelia explained that in Japan, cases of heart disease is high. Not only the case of Japan itself, but also from abroad.
"Well, we are looking for countries with high skills as number of cases is too much," the woman is veiled.
Second, Japan has also been known for a good National Cancer Center. Liver disease usually leads to liver cancer if it has entered the final stage, which is why cooperation with Japan is considered to be very helpful. In addition, Dr. Kamelia confessed culture also feel more comfortable with a fellow Asian.
Third, the Indonesian government will be no cooperation with the Japanese, so that will make it easier for the bureaucracy.
"Soft opening in April,2013, but the new center liver 3 to 4 months later. Late 2013 might just be starting. Full service in 2015 with 3 tower is finished," Dr.Kamelia Concludes.

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